The Curious Case of the Perio Patient

We want patients to start and end treatment in the hygiene operatory, not go backwards in time. You are the person who initiates periodontal treatment and maintains patient health. Frequently patients conditions will regress and further periodontal therapy is required. At this interactive forum we will discuss various stages of periodontal therapy, the limitations of each stage, and the advances that have been made. We will discuss how, as practitioners, we can improve on what we do to prevent the relapse.

For your convenience, Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost are now offering a hygiene study club in Norwell (venue tbd). This new and exciting study club will cater directly to hygienists and offer them useful tools that they can bring back to their practice. ALL OF OUR EVENING COURSES ARE WORTH 2 CE CREDITS. THERE WILL BE NO TUITION FOR THESE COURSES.