Comprehensive Oral Examination

The first step in determining the proper treatment for any patient is to perform a thorough examination. Such an examination includes assessment of hard and soft tissues, “gum pocket” readings, examination of x-rays, and impressions of your teeth if necessary.

Oral Cancer Screening

Each patient receives a thorough examination for oral cancer or any suspicious lesions. All hard and soft tissues in and around the mouth are examined. If necessary the latest technology for screening and differential diagnoses for suspicious areas are carried out.

Cleanings and Home Care Instruction

The key to oral health is appropriate control of bacteria. In Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost’s office, thorough cleanings are performed both for patients who have had periodontal therapy, and for family members and friends of current patients. Special care is taken to adapt home care techniques to the individual patient. Updated x-rays are taken as necessary.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

With over 40 years of experience, Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost will determine your need for implant placement, the appropriate treatment plan and the proper implant to utilize.  Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost utilize implants with the most advanced surface treatments available, to help speed “bonding” of the implant to your bone.

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Regrowing Your Lost Bone

Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost are leaders in the field of bone regeneration to save teeth, at the time of removal of hopeless teeth, and to rebuild bone where teeth have been missing for quite some time, in anticipation of implant placement. None of this bone regeneration requires grafting from other parts of the body.

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Covering Your Exposed Roots

Soft tissue grafting is easily accomplished, often without taking tissue from other parts of the body, to reestablish gingival health and to cover exposed root surfaces. These greatly simplified techniques are utilized to elimintae discomfort after the procedure.

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“Deep” Cleanings (Root Planing)

Such therapy eliminates active gum infection, and ensure that the patient will not undergo andymore treatment than is absolutely necessary, to attain and maintain oral health.

Laser Therapy

When utilized appropriately, laser therapy can help eliminate the need for periodontal surgery, reshape soft tissues to improve esthetics, and remove “benign growths”. The key is to utilize laser therapy when indicated.

Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost teach courses to visiting surgeons from the United States and abroad about the indications and contraindications for laser utilization in different situations.

Periodontal Therapy to Eliminate Pockets

Through use of conservative, gentle surgical techniques, periodontal pockets are eliminated and oral health is restored. A combination of reshaping hard and soft tissues and rebuilding of lost bone through innovative predictable techniques, help ensure pockets are eliminated and patients are able to clean their mouths appropriately. The result is long term oral health.

Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost have authored many of the most quoted papers in this field and have taught courses regularly to visiting surgeons from the United States and abroad.

Crown Lengthening

A simple periodontal procedure is utilized to expose adequate tooth structure for the dentist to restore. This therapy is crucial in providing tooth structure to appropriately restore, and providing the patient with a situation which he/she can maintain, to ensure health in the long term.

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