Advantages for Our Referring Doctors

Our referring doctors are treated with the highest regard and afforded many advantages, such as:

Patients in Pain

Patients who are in pain are seen the same day they call our office. The referring doctor receives a phone call when the patient is seen, so we may discuss therapeutic options and formulate an appropriate treatment plan together.

Immediate Implant Therapy

Approximately 95% of the time that teeth are extracted, implants are placed during the same visit, offering the advantages of a lesser number of surgical visits, minimization of bone resorption and shortening of the overall course of therapy. We have written many of the most cited articles regarding techniques for immediate implant therapy and regularly teach courses about this topic.

Dr. Fugazzotto has authored many of the most quoted papers in the area of immediate implant therapy. Drs. Fugazzotto and Rost teach courses to surgeons from the United States and abroad focusing on how to perform immediate implant therapy, and when to utilize this techinque in patient care.

Immediate Implant Placement/Temporization in the Anterior Region

Implants can be placed and restored with immediate temporary crown approximately 95% of the time. In addition to these advantages, temporization helps support the soft tissues and contributes significantly to maximization of esthetic treatment outcomes.

Immediate Implant Placement at the Time of Molar Extraction

We are able to place implants in ideal positions at the time of molar extraction approximately 95% of the time. We have developed and published many of the techniques now taught regarding immediate implant placement at the time of molar extraction. Advantages to our approach include:

  • These implants are placed in ideal positions, not at compromised angulations.
  • The number of surgical visits is shortened for the patient.
  • The cost of therapy is lessened as only one surgery is required.
  • The overall treatment time is lessened.

Communication with the Referring Doctor

The referring doctor is called when the patient is in the chair if appropriate. Consultation letters regarding our findings are sent out within one to two business days of the consultation visit. Additional letters include update and finished treatment letters at various stages of treatment.

Communication with the Referring Doctor: Complex Cases

We formulate a treatment plan letter with the referring doctor(s). We will compile this letter, “run it by” all doctors for their input or modifications, and send the letter to the patient to serve as an outline of therapy and to avoid patient confusion regarding fees, etc.

Digital X-rays

We utilize digital x-rays to minimize patient radiation. These X-rays are sent to the referring doctor either as a hard copy or through email, depending upon the doctor’s preference.

Joint Patient Treatment Planning

We utilize a number of technologies to help us and our referring doctors formulate ideal treatment plans. These technologies include the ICAT, implant planning software, and a simple articulator system.


CT scans offer lower radiation, and a much lesser cost, than other types of scans taken at other facilities. The use of the ICAT allows us to visualize the available bone more precisely, to place implants in more ideal positions, and to place implants in sites that previously were deemed untreatable.

Implant Planning Software

We utilize a number of implant placement planning softwares. The software used is dependent upon the case to be treated, as each software system presents with pluses and minuses. Utilizing planning software in conjunction with referring dentists to plan ideal implant position ensures both the maximization of treatment outcomes, and a greater ease of restorative procedures for the referring dentists. In addition, temporary fixed prostheses may be fabricated in advance of implant placement where applicable, and easily inserted the day of implant placement. In many instances, you will be provided with the software necessary for a web based treatment planning conference with us, if you so desire.

The Articulator System

A simple articulator system is available for use in more complex cases. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and helps our referring doctors and us better visualize patient needs, and formulate comprehensive treatment plans.

A Restorative Resource

Because of our interactions with a large number of dentists, and our extensive implant experience, we can offer accurate advice regarding laboratory fees, component costs, and appropriate fee schedules.

Hands on Continuing Education Center

Our 30 person lecture hall and 20 person hands on laboratory, on the second floor of our building are professionally equipped and utilized to teach courses to national and international doctors. The laboratory is always available for fabrication of surgical guides and Essex retainers. DVDs of all restorative procedures are available for viewing, and models are provided to practice restorative techniques.

Materials Selection

Only the highest quality regenerative materials and implants are utilized, whose efficacies have been demonstrated in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Piezo Surgery

Piezo surgery is a non-traumatic manner in which to remove teeth and place implants in delicate bone. Patient discomfort and post-therapy bone resorption are minimized.

Preparation Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

PRGF is a means by which to concentrate patient platelets and form a fibrin and membrane rich in hard and soft tissue growth factors from the patient’s blood. This is done at the time of therapy.

Laser Therapy

We utilize the most advanced laser system. It is important to understand the appropriate indications and contraindications for laser use. We teach courses about this topic both in the United States and abroad.

Restorative Therapy

Although we never perform implant restorative therapy, we remain intimately involved in all aspects of care, so as to better assist both the referring doctor and the patient.

  • We will spend as much time as necessary with the referring doctor examining available treatment options and formulating both ideal and alternative treatment plans.
  • We will construct a consultation letter from all practitioners, which is approved by all practitioners. This letter is given to the patient and is an invaluable aid in both case acceptance and the progression of therapy.
  • We have educational CDs and hands-on materials available in our upstairs laboratory.
  • Surgical guides and Essex retainers may be fabricated at no charge.
  • We stock all implant restorative parts which may be needed by the restorative dentist. The referring doctor always has the option of getting the parts from us.
  • Due to our involvement with implant education and development, we receive many restorative components before they are released for general use.

Education Opportunities

We host evening and full day CE presentations for our referring partners throughout the year. The evening presentations are held in our conference center upstairs, and full day presentations with larger crowds are held at a local restaurant.

  • All aspects of therapy are discussed in presentations about both natural teeth and implants.
  • The referring doctor is able to attain all the required CE credits for re-accreditation through our programs.
  • Various clinical programs are given which are aimed at all levels of implant restorative expertise.
  • Small practice management forums are held to help us all meet the business challenges of clinical practice.

Please consult the education section of our website for further information, or contact us directly.

Identifying Patient Needs

We hold implant information evenings in conjunction with our restorative dentists at their offices, to assess unmet needs of both the restorative doctors patients and their friends and family. We provide our referring doctors with an introductory letter they can send to their patients. These evenings have proven effective and beneficial both to patients and referring doctors.