Treat TMJ Pain

“It’s phenomenal. I’m happy with all of the results”

- Charlie

“Sara was wonderful. She did a great job. I would definitely recommend her.”

- Marissa

“I feel 100% better than I did 6 months ago.”

- Stephen

“I’m very impressed and highly recommend it.”

- Angela

“Not (painful) at all.”

- Simka

“It’s the first time I’ve gotten a full nights sleep.”

- Sharon

“100% better.”

- Marissa (Post Op)

While at Dr. Fugazzotto’s office he noticed something was wrong with my TMJ and shoulder tension was visible.  After examination we discovered together that I was experiencing severe TMJ symptoms and muscle tension in my shoulders.  I had limited opening, clenching, tenderness and my bite was off.  My shoulders were so tight it was difficult to administer the recommended treatment BOTOX injections.  I think I had been suffering for so long I learned to live with it.  I wasn’t even able to open enough to bite into a sandwich.  After a few injections of BOTOX, my symptoms went away in just a few days!!  It’s amazing to me how effective and life changing this simple procedure was.  Thanks again Paul for noticing something was wrong and for changing my daily life!

- Michelle Collins, RDH