Recapture Youth With Botox and Fillers

As we age, we all dream of recapturing our youth.  The question we must weigh in our minds is what we have to go through to reach this goal. While a more youthful appearance which can significantly impact our outlook toward life is highly desirable, many of the suggested treatments are extensive and expensive.  In addition, such treatments are often carried to an extreme, resulting in people looking less than natural.
This does not have to be the case. We can recapture much of our youth through simple dental and facial esthetic procedures, working in concert with your regular dentist.

Botox and Fillers offer a predictable means to turn back the clock. The secret is to blend clinical skill and artistic sense in performing these treatments, ensuring optimal results with a minimum of work.  Our Registered Nurse Injector, Sara McElroy, brings these qualities to your Botox and Filler treatments.  Well versed in the available materials and techniques, Sara is more than a Nurse Injector, offering diagnosis and advice prior to treatment.

Remember, just because you earned your wrinkles does not mean you have to keep them.

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               Before             After 1 Botox Treatment               




              Before                 After 1 Dermal Filler

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