Advantages for Our Dental Patients

The Patient Experience

  • Immediate, attentive care is always provided.
  • All patients who call in pain are seen the same day.
  • We make every effort to run precisely on schedule. We accomplish this goal approximately 98% of the time.
  • We utilize customized patient information brochures and materials to help you better understand your need for therapy.
  • We provide complimentary livery services from your home to the office and back to your home on the day of service, should you so desire. This service eliminates the problems of being afraid to drive after having therapy performed or having to secure rides from other people. This service is also available to you during snow storms,
  • Our web site focuses upon patient information and explains therapeutic needs and goals in all types of situations. You can view the website at
  • We provide anesthesia if you are too nervous to have therapy performed “under Novocaine.” While such anesthesia is rarely necessary, as we spend quite a bit of time making you feel comfortable. Anesthesia is available if you prefer it.

Communications With Your Referring Doctor

  • When you are seen for a consultation visit, your referring doctor is called while you are in the chair, if appropriate.
  • Consultation letters regarding our findings are sent out to you and your dentist within one or two business days of the consultation visit.
  • We take digital x-rays to reduce radiation to you. A copy of these x-rays is immediately sent to you.
  • The ICAT: We take low radiation CAT scans when necessary. This procedure is fast and simple, and allows us to visualize the available bone more precisely, to place implants in more ideal positions and to place implants in sites that previously were deemed untreatable.KatherineICAT
  • Implant planning software: We utilize computerized implant placement planning softwares in conjuncture with you referring dentist, to ensure maximization of your treatment outcomes.

Making Your Treatment Easier and Quicker

Approximately 95% of all situations where teeth are to be extracted and implants placed are treated with implant placement at the time of tooth extraction, including molars. Use of immediate implant therapy affords you a number of advantages, including lessening the number of surgical visits, minimizing bone resorption and shortening the overall course of therapy. We have written many of the most cited articles regarding techniques for immediate implant therapy, and regularly teach courses about this topic.

Accelerating Your Healing With PRFG

A small amount of your blood is drawn at the office. This blood is placed in a centrifuge and prepared in a unique way. The end result is a membrane which is rich in hard and soft tissue growth factors. Procurement of the material is simple, and hard and soft tissue healing are accelerated.

Using Only the Best Materials

We utilize only the highest quality implant and regenerative materials. No products are employed unless they have been tested and reported extensively. It is improper and unethical for any of us to ask our patients to serve as beta sites for new products which companies wish to push to the market. The implant and regenerative fields have been plagued by premature product release and treatment failure. Our patients deserve better than such “care.”


We speak at evening or full day presentations for our patients, referring doctors, and periodontal and implant societies throughout the United States and the world. Please visit the lecture section of our website to view our upcoming schedule of presentations and courses.