Botox / Filler Patients

“Sara was, by far, the best.  She talked to me the entire time.  She talked me through it. She is very skilled.”

- Pamela

“I’m happy I did it. I would definitely do it again.”

- Marina

“(People said I) looked good but they didn’t know why until I told them.”

- Charlie

“I think you did an excellent job. I’ve had Botox several times and had it performed by different doctors. You, by far, did the best job. You didn’t rush me, you understood my fears, you allowed me to break for a minute if I needed it… You really have it all !! You turned an uncomfortable situation completely around. I was a patient and yet you made it so comfortable by all the girl talk etc… I didn’t even notice half the time I was getting poked in the face lol.  I’m certain you will have quite a following. I’m certain I will see you again.”

- P.L.